Thursday, March 31, 2011

11:59 P.M.

For the past two weeks, Mike has been planning, shopping, and talking about this weekend's backpacking adventure.  And for the last several days, there has been gear spread out on his side of the room, blocking my closet.  Ugh.  
I worked a closing shift this evening, and expected him to be all packed by the time I got home.  He wasn't.  In addition, his stuff was all over the bed.  Yes, the entire bed.  "We didn't get back from shopping until nine" he explained.  I sighed.  I felt a nagging irritation coming on, and reminded myself that in six hours, he would be gone for three days.
As I wandered into the kitchen to find something to eat, he continued.  "I got you two baskets of strawberries.  And I found those Lean Cuisine spring rolls you like.  They're 10 for 10 at Vons, so go back tomorrow and get yourself a whole bunch."  Then he handed me a plate.  "I saved you three, figured you'd be hungry."   

As I put them in the microwave and hit the minute button, I felt that warm, fuzzy feeling.  Mike is the most thoughtful man in the world.  With all that's swimming around in his head, he did a few special things for me.  So I figured while he clears off my side of the bed, I'd blog a little.

Coco, my sweet chocolate brown Chihuahua, is sitting in  my lap with her head tucked under my left arm.  I lean down to kiss her head, and she looks up and licks me on the nose.
Yes, life is good. ♥

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