Tuesday, March 29, 2011

(More About) Gina's Little Get Away

Two weeks ago, for the first time in about a year, Mike and I were apart for a few days when I went to San Diego.  He and Coco missed me like crazy.  Mike even put Coco on the phone so I could talk to her.  I think this made her very confused, and she apparently started looking around, expecting me to walk through the door at any moment.  It also made me feel like one of those crazy dog people. 

I felt a little guilty, because, though I missed them too, I really had been looking forward to taking a little adventure.  The train ride was so relaxing, in spite of the Bachelor Party Guys.  And the view was awesome...Somewhere between Ventura beaches and L.A. industrial neighborhoods, we went through a series of tunnels.  Right before the first tunnel, this is what I saw out my window.

And then, everything went black.  The train was eerily quiet, but only for a moment.
I continued listening to Pandora, and playing on my new "sort of smart" phone.

After a brief stop in L.A., we continued on to San Diego.  My friends Brian and Traci picked me up at the train station.  Traci was so sweet to remember that I wanted to try the food at Porkyland
Their Quesadilla Nopal (cactus) was yummy,  Traci and I ate it all.

Traci also remembered to call her husband Brian, (even though his first name is Alex) because that's what I call him.  I don't know if I told Traci, but I have the same issues with my other half.  Mike is my boyfriend's middle name, and I have grown accustomed to the occasional friend calling him George.  So I really appreciated Traci switching gears for me. 

I headed over to my hotel to unpack and before I knew it, it was time to head off to see a local production of Hamlet.  My brother played the role of Claudius, and a high school friend directed the show.  It was excellent.  I hadn't been to a play in over three years and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
And it was really good to see my brother and my friend.  It had been too long.

Saturday was Bloggy Boot Camp, and if you missed my recap you can read more about it here.

As for Sunday, well, that was the only day I really got to catch my breath.  I left that day open to see a few special people.  Some of our plans fell through, so I just ordered some lunch and kicked back and watched Four Brothers on TV.

That calzone was friggin' delicious and I also had a small Greek salad,  I told you I was foregoing the diet, so don't judge me for getting that amazing chewy chocolate chip cookie.  After all, I did get Diet Pepsi.  Ha ha ha.

Later, I hopped on the San Diego Trolley and cruised out to my home town, El Cajon, to have some dinner with my dad and step mom.  It was so nice to catch up, but the visit was too short.
By the time I got back to my hotel, it was raining.  I didn't feel at all guilty just putting on my pajamas and kickin' back in front of the boob tube.

 That last night away was relaxing, and a little lonely. I was feeling ready to get home to my man and my dog. 

On Monday, when my train finally rolled into town, I got a text.  It was from Mike, and it said "I want a KISS!!!!!"

So do I, baby.  So do I. 


  1. Ah, this is sweet! I talk to my dog on the phone when I go out of town too. You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so of course he was ready with a kiss!

  2. This sounds like a great getaway. The food sounds awesome!

  3. I love this different perspective of your trip. I'm happy you got to see your family (even though it was a short trip.)

    The first time Brian and I were apart was last summer, I did a week of resident camp and the first 2 days he was having fun with his friends and I was bummed out. Then things switched, I was having fun and he was missing me. Fortunately he was able to visit me for some of my breaks.

    I'm happy we got to hang out.

  4. I am going to Bloggy Bootcamp in Chicago and am so looking forward to some time away. sounds like the time away was relaxing and productive.

  5. Truthful Mommy, did you read my post "Bloggy Boot Camp Kicked Booty"? You are going to have a blast and meet some amazing women. I am going to BBC Denver too! So excited! ♥
    Traci, I know I will miss Mike cuz it will seem like an empty house, but that will come after sleeping in and all that other stuff. lol ♥

  6. Hey Gina!
    Thanks so much for stopping by sweetjeanette.com from #CommentHour and leaving your sweet comment! I'm thrilled you did! I envy you..bloggy boot camp! I have yet to attend a blogging conference. I'm on the "other" coast and must admit....I've never been on a train! There I said it! LOL

  7. What a fun weekend! It is always nice to return home though. I have ridden the train from San Luis Obispo to San Jose. It can be long with all the stops. You lucky that you got to go to bloggy boot camp! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier in the comment hour!

  8. Sounds like a cool getaway!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog on the SITS #commenthour

  9. Hi Gina! I just wanted to stop in and say thanks for visiting my blog last night during SITS Comment Hour. And yes, I felt like I was in a completely different and Swedish lovin' world at Ikea. ;) I hope you had a fun time last night during comment hours. Oh, and I am so jealous that you got to go to BBC. I wish I could have gone, it sounded amazing.


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