Monday, March 14, 2011

How About Those Sister Wives?

I just got finished watching the new "Sister Wives."  
I started watching "Sister Wives" purely out of curiosity, which quickly developed into more of a "learning about other cultures" feeling.  Naturally, being an open-minded person, I started to see how this plural lifestyle had more benefits than I had ever thought about.  And I started to really care about this family.
There is always someone home to greet the kids after school.  The wives have help-mates to fill in the gaps.  I mean really, hasn't every mom thought "My gosh, I can't be everywhere all at one time"?  In this family, she doesn't have to be.

And the kids receive an overabundance of love and friendship.  Four moms, 15 siblings, the bigger kids helping out with the little ones.  It's really the definition of what family is all about - Everybody pitching in to take care of each other. 
Of course, I'm sure everything's not perfect.  No family is perfect.  But this family, despite it's size, has incredible communication as a whole.  They have family meetings, discussing the kids' feelings, fears and concerns.  I'm sure there are some, especially since their lifestyle has been thrust into the spotlight.
Now that the family has "outed" themselves by participating in a television documentation of their lifestyle, the authorities have perked up and decided to investigate them.
I'm not sure that their situation warrants so much attention on the part of law enforcement.
I mean, I'm not an attorney, or a legal expert.  But Kody Brown, the husband, is only married to Meri, Wife #1.  He has children with Meri, as well as with 2nd and 3rd wives, Janelle and Christine.  4th wife, Robin, has three children from a previous marriage.  I don't understand how Kody can be charged with polygamy when he is only married to one woman.
I know a woman who has five children with three different fathers.  I see people - celebrities - who have multiple partners exposing questionable lifestyles to young children;  men with children from several different women;  people, both single and married, who adopt children from all over the world and work and travel, schlepping the entourage of children all over the world. I see people who are too hooked on various chemicals to take care of the children they have...I could go on and on...And what I see are a lot of messed up situations, which should not be allowed.
When I look at the Brown family, on the surface, I see a father, four mothers, and sixteen children Not your typical family, I will agree, but a family full of love.  These parents care about their children, 13 of whom grew up together as siblings, and are welcoming Robin's kids and blending extremely well.  When there are insecurities and concerns, there is communication.  
I don't know anyone today who has family meetings the way the Browns do. The family unity displayed among them is enviable.  No one can dispute that the parents are loving, responsible people who take good care of their children and each other.
I realize that I am just a layperson, looking at this from a non-religious point of view.  Just your average forty-something woman sticking up for some good people.  And I think the authorities in Utah need to go look for some real criminals.  
I'd like to know what you think.  Let me know.

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  1. I haven't seen the show in a while but I do find it completely fascinating. I think your view about it is great. I agree that if the women aren't filing charges or upset about it (he's not leaving one to live with another) it is kind of silly to take him away from the family he's taking care of.


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