Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gotta Love Orchids ♥

We went to the Orchid Show today.  

 I even wore my orchid earrings to celebrate!!

 I don't know anything about orchids, except that they are gorgeous.  And that there are about 30,000 different kinds, and over 100,000 different hybrids. 

 The aroma of the flowers hits you in the face when you walk into an exhibit of this size.
I was overwhelmed as to where to look.
As it was the 66th Anniversary of this show,  the theme was Route 66.  There were lots of automobile-related displays

This was one of my favorites.

To see all of the pictures we took, check out the slide show at the top of my blog.

Hope you had a great weekend. ♥


  1. Really pretty earrings. You were surrounded by beauty today, what a great day. Did you take any Orchids home?

  2. We did not take anything home today, although I expected to. Mike is the orchid person, and bought two last year. They have both bloomed since then, so he knows what he is doing. This year, "nothing reached out and grabbed me", he said. So, no new plants... Maybe next year! =)


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