Thursday, March 17, 2011

My First Blogger's Adventure...Bloggy Boot Camp

Today is the one month anniversary of my blog.   
It seems fitting that this weekend, tomorrow actually, I embark on a little adventure.
That's right.  I'm going to Bloggy Boot Camp 
Can I hear a "Woot, Woot!"
Now I really don't know what to expect.  After all, I'm just a girl who started a blog almost by accident.  Notice I said "almost."  I wonder if I would have ever started blogging if it weren't for my own technical snafu.  I am still chuckling about that.

I was playing around on Blogger checking out the template designs, fonts and all that stuff.
When I went back to continue the next day, I noticed my friend Traci was my first follower.  After a few minutes of furiously texting her, I realized that my page was live, but of course, there were no posts on it.  Traci said to just start writing.  So that's what I did.  And the rest, well, the rest is available along the right side of my the archives - all four weeks of them.

Anyhow, about Bloggy Boot Camp...
What I am told is that I will learn a ton of great stuff.  I'd like to have Twitter explained to me, cuz right now, I'm flying by the seat of my pants.  I am also expecting this to be, mostly, an amazing networking opportunity.  I love meeting new people. Andt I do realize that, when it comes to blogging, I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground.  So I will look to the SITS ladies and my fellow bloggers to show me the way.
So, off I go tomorrow morning to the train station.  There's something very relaxing about the train.  I like it because I don't have to sit in traffic.  It's very relaxing.  I can listen to music, sleep, eat, walk around and stretch my long legs...I could go on and on...
When I am on the train, I like to pretend that I am in a movie.  I will meet a mysterious stranger, and we will have a fascinating conversation about something terribly intriguing.  
Or this will be the day that the local schools take their students on a field trip, and it will be so noisy and crowded that I won't be able to hear myself think.  Ugh!

Maybe I should get a ticket in Business Class...
believe me, it's worth the extra seventeen bucks!


  1. Can;t wait to meet you IRL on Saturday! It's gonna be a blast!

  2. This will be my first blog conference experience as well. Excited and nervous at the same time. Believe me, you won't be alone. I've been blogging since August and I still haven't a clue what I'm doing.

  3. Very exciting, I look forward to hearing about it.

  4. Can I just tell you how totally envious I am, Gina? I've been blogging for some years and I haven't gotten to go to a Bloggy Boot Camp, plus you're in San Diego seeing all MY friends. So, you better be having a marvelously fantastic time!

  5. Hope you had fun at BBC - it was my first conference too! Looking forward to reading more of your blog :)


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