Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Coco Puff

When I was a kid, we had pets - dogs, mostly.  I remember that, at first, it was so neat
to have a dog.  But, as kids do, I lost interest.  My parents ended up feeding and
cleaning up after them.  It kind of bums me out to think of it now.

I guess that's one of the things that comes to mind when I think of our little Coco. 
Being in a place in my life where I can enjoy and truly appreciate a sweet little dog
is truly refreshing.  It touches my heart that she loves us so much, and that we
all make each other so happy.

I come home from work, aching and tired, and there she is, jumping and whimpering and wiggling her little butt, her tail wagging furiously.  As soon as I am close enough, she smothers me with wet puppy kisses and it's like I'm the most special person in the whole wide world, returning from what must have been an interminable journey away from home.  

She even insists on sitting on my lap when I am at the computer.
It makes typing a bit tricky, but I manage. (Sigh.) 

And as for Mike - Well, Mike is so head over heels for our four-pound bundle of joy.  
And she loves him right back.He has named her always-wagging tail, 
"The Tail of Perpetual Motion."  
She will tuck herself up under his left arm, wherever he may be sitting...
'cuz that's where the action is, apparently.

And I have never seen a dog enjoy the sun as much as Coco.  
When she discovered that glorious patch of carpet in front of the
living room window, she was in heaven...

...complete with a beautiful view of palm trees and a balmy sky.

Yeah, it's a dog's life.  And so far, I think she'd tell you it's pretty damn good. ♥

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