Sunday, March 20, 2011

Train Of Thought

Friday morning, it was still dark when I got on the train. I had my bag of goodies- water, Special K bars, a sandwich, fruit and a big black iced tea with Splenda. I was good to go.

The train was quiet for about an hour, and then, it happened. Thirteen twenty-something guys boarded the train. They were all dressed in polyester, plaids and cheesy hats. One guy looked like Johnny Depp's
character in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." I soon overheard them explain to a conductor that this was a bachelor party.

I knew I should have ridden in business class.

After getting settled, a few of them took drink orders, and headed off to the cafe car. Minutes later, big bottles of Arrogant Bastard Ale, cans of Bud Light, and various cocktails were passed around.

I have to admit, they were really funny.  One guy (see picture above) actually shaved his head for that horseshoe bald look.  They all had pictures of the groom's head on a stick, I guess as a visual aid in case they lost him during the shenanigans.  They had also created a spinner (like you use for a board game) with all the train's destinations on it.  Apparently that's how they decided where they were going to go party some more.

They were all really cool, but they were definitely polishing off the cocktails.  I was amused at their antics and amazed at my own composure in what could have been a sticky situation for me.

As they began a second round, I updated my Facebook status:
"Listening to Jason Mraz on Pandora...I'm Yours, while surrounded by bachelor party guys getting their drink on...lmao.  If this is a test God, I'm laughing...damned good sense of humor."

Oh, wait. Did I mention that I don't drink? Okay, here's the thing. Simply put, when I drink, bad things happen. So, a few years ago, I quit.

Now it also must be said that, during my numerous trips up and down the coast on the train, I always drank. Always. This was my first train trip since I got sober.

So now that your up to speed...

No, I did not give in to temptation. I didn't even have an interest in breaking my "winning streak". It was actually hilarious to me, because really, what are the odds?

And so, I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing ride. The ocean was literally right out my window, and I was listening to Pandora...just chillin'...

Now I just have to decide how I'll handle Saturday night's wine tasting party.

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  2. Congrats on making it through that train ride, girl! And through the party on Saturday. I am glad you stayed for the party so we had a chance to chat. Loved getting to know you better! And? I love Pandora too. : )Love ya girl!

  3. Good for you!! Do not be tempted by the bachelors...them + alcohol = nothing but trouble. ;)


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