Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Chemical Romance - Part Two

So, if you haven't already read it, you should definitely check out part one of this story.
Moving on...I was in early sobriety, so I really didn't make the connection between Mike at the Friday night AA meeting and the gorgeous blue-eyed guy coming through my line every morning to get his coffee.
After all, when I saw Mike on Friday nights, he had a shaved head, nice clean jeans and a dress shirt.
 When I saw him in the morning, on his way to work, he had a knit cap on....Well, yeah, the common denominator was the gorgeous blue eyes...but I digress...
I didn't realize that beneath the knit cap was a shaved head...You also need to know that I was attending seven to ten AA meetings each week, and that I saw about 400 people in the course of a work day coming through my coffee shop.  Sheesh!  A person can get confused, okay?

So one night, I went home after a late night at work.  My roommate told me about this guy who had told his amazing story at an AA speaker meeting that night.  She detailed his struggles and how he beat the odds and overcame lots of issues to better his life.  I had really wished I could have heard him speak.

The next morning at work, the handsome blue-eyed guy in the knit cap came through my line.
"I spoke at New House II last night," he said.
"Oh my God. That was you?"  I replied.  "My roomie told me about your talk.  She said it was amazing!"

He told me that he recorded the talk and asked when I was working again so he could bring me a CD.
The next day he brought me the CD, which I listened to that very afternoon.  It didn't go unnoticed that he put his phone number with the CD.  When I was finished with it, I called him.

"Your story is amazing" I said.  "Thank you so much for sharing it with me."

"You listened to it? When did you listen to it?"  I told him that I played it as soon as I got home.
I think he was blown away.

He asked me to go with him to the Friday night meeting the very next day.

I said "Yes."

Part three of the story, coming soon...♥

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