Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Glee Episode Parallels My Life

Okay, so I of course loved the Glee episode last night.
When I was in high school, I played the part of Anita in West Side Story.  The part of Anita IS THE KICK-ASS Role in this show.

I believe that Mercedes, (Amber Riley) would kick ass in the role of Anita...but I digress.

The reason I was prompted to write was about how Glee parallels my life.

So, I was a senior in high school.  I auditioned for the role of Anita.  I knew that I could sing the role, but my dancing...not so hot.

I was actually called back for the role of Maria, but the singing was really, I felt, just too high for me - I tried, but...I am truly an alto.

I don't know if you have ever tried out for a musical, but it is nerve-racking!  The singing, the dancing, the reading for the different roles.  Sheesh!

Okay, so to the parallel between my high school experience and the Glee episode last night - 
It was the scene with Kurt, when he was listening outside the window while the coach, Emma, and Artie deliberated about the auditions so far.

After my high school auditions, then asked us to go outside and wait until they called us back in...they literally did the tryouts over two days, and decided before they sent us home the second day.

So when they sent us out, I ran back to the girls' dressing room to do something, or to get something...I don't remember what my reason was for going in there.  When I was finished, I intended to go out the back door of the theater, and join my friends around at the front of the building where everyone was waiting.

When I opened the door, I heard our choir director, Mr. Murphy, speaking.  "Well there is no doubt that she can sing the role.  She is the only person, in my opinion, who can tackle the vocals for Anita."  Then the drama director, "Mr. B." chimed in. "Trina what about the dancing? It's pretty demanding."
Trina replied that whoever they chose, she would simple choreograph based on the individual's ability.

I quietly closed the door.  There was no way I could sneak out.  I was mortified at the possibility of being thought of as a snoop - How would I explain, even though it was an innocent case of lagging?  So there I sat, nervously twitching in the only chair in the cramped 5' x 8' room.

When I heard voices trickling in, I realized I had to find a way to "meander" back into the room.  I peeked out waiting for the room to begin to fill up, then just slipped in with my friends seated in the theater.

I found out moments later, that they must have been talking about me - I got the role of Anita.

I shocked my classmates by dying my hair black for the role.  During lunch hour, I would put my hair in curlers for performance nights.  It was the dedication and gratitude for the opportunity to play such a fantastic role that allowed me to surpass any possible embarrassment and attend my last few classes wearing "rollers" in my hair.  

And it was totally worth it.

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  1. Very cool story Gina. I'm behind in all my tv watching (which includes Glee, past the 2nd season.) I'll have to check out last nights episode.


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