Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cricket, Anyone?

Okay.  So I heard this faint noise coming from the kitchen.
When I opened our bedroom door, the sound of a cricket echoed throughout the entire downstairs of our house.

Doesn't anyone else hear this??  
Oh my God.  It's like a woodpecker boring a hole in the side of my head.
And it's coming from behind the refrigerator.

And that's when I became hysterical - with laughter, because it reminded me of an episode of Frasier.
Frasier, and his dad, Martin, (Kelsey Grammar and John Mahoney), became obsessed with catching this cricket that had set up camp behind their refrigerator, and kept them up all night "singing."
They went down to the pet store and bought a gecko, because they were told that geckos eat crickets.
They fashioned a leash made of dental floss, fastened it to the gecko, and let him do his thing.
Wait...Sshhhh...Can you hear that?
It's the beautiful sound of silence.
Maybe the cricket has gone to sleep.
Goodnight, all. ♥

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