Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Roommate Has Warped Sense of Reality

My computer has been acting up lately.  So I haven't been as present on the blogspot as I would like.  For that, I am truly sorry.
Meanwhile, I have been very short-tempered about some things.  One being roommates.  I have this roommate who just won't live within his means.  Don't we all have a friend or acquaintance like this?
Okay, normally I would say that this crap isn't any of my business.  But this person came to me "stressing" about their living situation.  It's too expensive, they aren't working regularly, and they just don't know what they are going to do.  Maybe they should downsize and get a smaller place with lower rent.  And in the same breath, told me that they just had their dog's teeth professionally cleaned.  Seriously.

I don't have much sympathy.  Oh, and did I mention that they have two cars, one of which requires a lot of maintenance, cannot be driven often due to its age, and is being stored at another location (for which this person pays rent)?
Yeah, I was losing patience. And so what was I supposed to say?  Well, I did say that they need to be practical and sell one of the cars.  "Oh, no, it's a classic and it's my only asset." (This vehicle is 45 years old and needs a lot of work before it could ever be considered an "asset".
 But he is emotionally attached to it, even choosing it over relationships in the past. 

Being that I am a dog lover, I did not chastise this person for the teeth cleaning, even though they could have done the job themselves...But I also know this person spends a month's rent on the dog on a regular basis, needed or not.  It's ridiculous. 
And when I suggested getting a "conventional" job, you know, to get some regular money coming in - something they could count on - they said "Well that would interfere with my business.  I have to be able to set appointments when I get the calls."  
Listen, honey, nobody's calling.  You need to get real, and get a job at McDonald's, or K-Mart, or whoever will hire you so you can make ends meet.  I mean seriously, get real!!

Aaaaaarrrrgh!!!  Does anyone else ever feel this way!!! I wanted to smack someone.
First choice would have been that roommate.

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  1. I can't judge. I live way beyond my means because my means are meager.

    Sometimes people make their priorities (obviously in this case it's the dog) and they spare no expense even at the expense of others. In my case I spare no expense for my husband. I go without so I can experience things with him (make memories.) I think it only makes sense to the crazy that's living it, which is unfortunate you have to ride along.


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