Saturday, February 19, 2011

That Box of Chocolates

So, remember I mentioned the heart-shaped box of chocolates that Mike gave me for Valentine's Day?  Ok, so last night, I was sitting right here, in this very spot.  Well, I know you can't see me.  What's your point?

Anyhoo,  I hear Mike behind me, talking to our dog, Coco.  "Let's see if mommy ate all the chocolates.  I bet she ate all the chocolates.  Let's take a look and-"  Jeez!  Just open the darn box and look!  And do you really think that dog understands you?  And what does she care?  It's not like she can have any of the chocolates.  I mean, actually, that's kind of ironic, seeing as her name is "Coco", but I digress...

"Oh, mommy left a few chocolates in the box!"  He bites into one, instantly making a face.  "Do you like chocolate and raspberry?"  Stupid question.  Of course I do.  He handed it to me and I popped it into my mouth.  It was delicious.
Chocolate doesn't last long in our house. ♥

WAIT!!! Gina, what are you doing?  You can't do that?  What about your diet??  Are you asking yourself these questions right now, wishing to God that I could hear you??

Well, Mike wasn't.  And it wasn't until probably an hour later, when I glanced at the empty box a few feet away, that it finally hit me.
What the - ?  "I ate that chocolate.  How could you have let me, no wait, offer me, that candy, when you know I am on a diet?"

What did I get?  "Well I wasn't gonna say anything.  I mean, if you didn't wanna eat it..."

Seriously?  Okay, so know I am wondering if he secretly wants me to blow my diet, and stay fat.  I mean, if I get thin and hot again,  I might leave him for a younger man.  Well, not younger than me, but maybe younger than him.

Think I'm being paranoid?  Without missing a beat, Mike reached over on the night stand and popped open his, (formerly my), box of gummi worms, chomping noisily, interjecting "mmm"s all the while.  He even gave a little piece of one to Coco.  

About thirty minutes later, he asked me to get him a Pepcid.
I smiled a quiet little smile.


  1. Hang in there with the diet. Funny post, I happen to be dying for some chocolate and there's none in the house :-( I think I am undermining my own healthy living.

  2. Blowing a diet on Vday is what life is all about! :) And now? I need to go find me some chocolate. Stopping by from SITS.


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