Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random thoughts for today...

The Bachelor

So last night, just as I predicted, The Bachelor's Brad Womack sent home Shawntel N., the beautiful funeral director from Chico, California.  I really don't always like being right.  But come on, she took him into the embalming room and had him lay on the table - where who-knows-how-many dead people have lain. When she asked him if he wants to be buried or cremated, he said "Never thought about it."  Yeah.  Welcome to Chico.

In the end, Brad said simply that, when Shawntel told him she had fallen in love with him, he didn't feel the way a man should feel when someone says that to him.  In my opinion, the final nail in the coffin (yes, I said it), was her dad's plans for Shawntel to succeed him in the family business.  Brad is clearly squeamish about death, and the thought of taking a girl away from her family and her (albeit ghoulish) profession, played a factor in it all.

I'm a GleeK 

Since I have started my little blog, 6 days ago, I have received nothing but love, support and good information.  My friend Traci referred me to The SITS Girls and I have been flitting around here and there and everywhere, mostly through links on their sites.

When Mary, of The Mama Mary Show commented on my blog, of course I returned the favor.  What a pleasure!  Immediately a post about Glee caught my eye. She was having a contest about who your favorite Glee character is, and why. The winner receives a copy of Glee Karaoke Revolution!!  I posted my choice ("Mercedes Jones, because she rocks"), and went on to read more Mary.  

The next day, Mary tweeted me to check out her blog. Me, the girl who never wins anything, won the contest!  They said it was totally random, but I know it's because I rock it. 

   Mary, I love your blog ♥  Oh, and I do know the plastic bag song.  I realized later that it was featured on Glee a few weeks ago.  Which leads me to the stupid song whose random lyric sticks in my mind.  It's on the playlist at the coffee shop where I work...all I ever hear of this song is "Kill the shark..."  Aaarrrgh!

And now, I have to go watch Glee.  I hear Rachel kisses Blaine tonight.  ♥


  1. I tried watching The Bachelor last night in honor of you, but I just couldn't do it. I was soo tired.

    I AM thoroughly enjoying tonight's Glee. I was so underwhelmed with the first couple episodes of the season but I'm happy they're making a comeback. I'm not sure how I feel about everyone getting drunk but I'm sure there's an after-school message in there somewhere.

    I'm happy you're having a great time with the blog, the happiness shows. :-)

    Oh and congrats on getting a ticket to the BBC. You do rock it!

  2. I missed GLEE tonight, can you believe it? Need to catch up soon! So excited we connected via SITS. I am going to put your game in the mail tomorrow so you can get your groove on with it. You're gonna love it! Thanks for the shoutout and kind words! Looking forward to meeting you at Bloggy Boot Camp! xo

  3. We are Gleeks too and followers of the great Sue Sylvester!

  4. Woohoo! Congratulations on winning! I'm a huge Glee fan, I taped last nights and am planning to watch it tonight. I can't wait!


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