Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reality Check

(From February 16, 2011)

Monday night, I felt myself smirk with a kind of dirty satisfaction as I watched Brad Womack, (The Bachelor, Season 15), send home Michelle Money.  "Thank God," "Finally!" and "That's right, witch, you're goin' home!" were just a few of the thoughts going through my head as he walked her out to a waiting limousine...

Each season of The Bachelor has what I like to call "The Psycho Girl", and this season did not disappoint.  After weeks of talking smack about how all the other girls aren't right for Brad, and need to be sent home, you'd think her camera time in the limo would be full of good stuff, right? Wrong.

"Miss Hell", as fans have dubbed her, said nothing. Not word one.  The only thing she did was blink repeatedly, like she was trying to get her eyes to water...after all, if she really cared about Brad, she would cry at a time like this, right? LMAO

Ok, so reality television isn't scripted, but it is edited so that we, the audience see what they want us to see. And let's face it, WE LOVE IT!!!

What I wonder though is, how will life be for a woman who was wined and dined (on ABC's big budget) once she is living the life of a bar owner's wife? I mean, I'm sure he makes a good living, but every special occasion isn't going to begin by being whisked off in a helicopter only to be told "You are about to rappel off a waterfall! At the bottom, there will be a gourmet picnic awaiting us....And then we will be serenaded by Josh Groban."

"Wow, when Brad told me he had a special day planned, I mean, wow! I had no idea!!  He is such a great guy."

Next week is the "Home Town Dates" week.  I call it the "Any more skeletons in your closet?" week.

Ah, my Reality T.V. palate is already watering....

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