Monday, February 21, 2011

Regarding Coco ♥

Several years ago, Mike had a dog named Tramp.  He often spoke about how much he misses Tramp, and that he wants to go to the mid-west to retrieve him from the ex.

Now if you know Mike, you are probably picturing that he would have a pretty macho kind of dog, like a Pit Bull, a shepherd or a labrador.  This is pretty much what I was imagining.  But the breed of dog really didn't matter, just the fact that he missed his companion so darned much.

One day, Mike told me how he got Tramp.  He was driving home one cold dark night, and saw this dog off to the side of the road.  He was worried, because the dog was alone, and was concerned that he might get eaten by a coyote.

What? Eaten by a coyote? "Wait - What kind of dog is Tramp?"  "Deer Chihuahua" was the response.   Apparently enough time had passed that his ex would not even consider giving him back the dog.  A plot to kidnap Tramp, involving a crazy non-stop road trip to Missouri, had been loosely formulated between Mike and a good friend.

There had to be a better solution.  Amused by this story, I relayed it to a woman who works in my chiropractor's office.  She has a darling little chihuahua who comes to work with her.  I mused that maybe we could find him another little dog to replace a clearly irreplaceable dog.

She said it was funny that I told her this story.  Another patient of hers was looking for a home for his chihuahua.  His new landlord would not allow a pet, so sadly, he had to part with her.  I was so excited to go home and tell Mike that we really had to meet this dog.  "I need a dog like I need a hole in the head" he grunted.  I sighed.  I felt deflated, but decided to let the idea sit a day or two.

Several days later, with the understanding that there was no obligation, Mike agreed we would meet the owner at our chiropractor's office so that we could see the dog.  As we parked the truck, Mike said "I can't believe I let you talk me into this."  We went inside.  

After a few minutes, they arrived.  The owner came in with Coco.  By this time, there were about six people in the lobby of the office.  The owner took off Coco's leash.  She immediately ran all the way across the lobby, leaping up onto Mike's lap.  Coco warmly licked his face, like she had just been reunited with an old friend.

And Mike simply melted.  

And that's how we got Coco.
Coco watching the Daytona 500

Coco & Mike


  1. Oh Coco, Coco... who's a sweet puppy! And you have your own FB page? Ohhhh, you sweet puppy!

  2. Followed you after you followed today's Featured Blogger on SITS. Welcome to blog-land! Hope you'll stick around.

    Oh, and our Coco is a rat terrier named Fiona, whom I bought because I wanted a dog. From day one, though, she has been my husband's dog. Funny little boogers how they attach themselves to a certain person, isn't it?

  3. Wow, that last sentence came out like I'm drunk... Should have said, "Funny HOW the little boogers attach, etc." Oy.

  4. Wow, that's a really sweet story. It sucks that Mike can't have Tramp but it's so wonderful that Coco claimed him right away.

  5. What a great story but sad that he misses his other dog so much.


  6. So sweet! It sounds like Coco and Mike were meant to be. I really loved this story. Thanks for linking up to The Little Hen House!

    This is Morgan from the Little Hen House. Blogger is using my old ID, which is irritating me to no end. :)


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