Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here I Am - As in "Amateur"

In case you're wondering how this all began...

Last week I wrote a facebook note to my friend Traci.  She was talking about how the women in her family have this thing for running their vehicles out (or almost out) of gas on a regular basis.  This is the note I wrote in response:

"Re: ProGAStination:

My landlord/Mike's boss is a big fan of running on fumes. We took his Ford truck to Palm Springs when Mike's sister was in a coma (that's a whole other story). When we came out of Rite Aid to go to the Motel 6, the truck wouldn't start. Mike blamed me, cuz it was my idea to stop at Rite Aid, and if only we hadn't, the truck wouldn't have know, perfectly logical. If you didn't need your god-danged Gummi worms and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, we wouldn't be in this stupid mess!

I got my bag, & headed for the motel on foot, figuring we were through. The next day, we found out it was the fuel pump, and caused by the owner letting the tank regularly run dry for years.

Be careful! Your ProGAStination can wreak havoc with someone else's relationship!!  Not to mention, that it cost nearly $1000 to fix"

 Traci's comment to that stuck in my mind. She said, "I think you guys would make for a great blog."

So with the (not so) New Year, come new beginnings...

I hope you will enjoy my posts...Stay tuned...I started a diet today. God knows I'll have something to say about that!!


  1. Yay!!! For your first post. If you haven't already, copy the link and put it on your facebook. Also if you visit Sits you'll find a community of blogs that you can join forces with.

  2. Yay, Gina. Welcome to blogging.


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