Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

About a week ago, our computer monitor broke. I left a note on the desk for The Computer Monitor Fairy, but alas, she hasn't come.

Meanwhile, life goes on.

I love my job at the coffee shop, but I know it isn't my passion. I'm seriously considering nursing school. The local community college offers the CNA course, with fees and text book costs waived.

Our sweet puppies are doing great. Zip is now four months old and over 22 pounds, nearly triple her weight at six weeks. She is smart, feisty and a little shy.

Coco loves her little sister. When they wrestle, Coco, at four and a half pounds, hold her own.

Mike and I have struggled a bit with the schedule required during Zip's puppyhood, but hope that soon she will be a bit more self-sufficient.

I an really enjoying my guilty pleasure, Reality TV. Right now, I'm loving Big Brother. The return of some players from previous seasons makes for familiar drama with a new twist.

I'm also thrilled to see the return of Flipping Out, on Bravo. Jeff Lewis and the gang continue to bring laughter and winces, as the inappropriate and awkward moments are in abundance.

Tomorrow, I plan to spend some time with my son, Stephen. He is my only child, and although we live in the same city, we don't see each other enough.

And, on a sad note, another friend was lost to the unrelenting disease of addiction last night. Rest in peace, Emily-Anne. You are with the angels now.

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  1. Too bad we don't live in the same city we have computer monitors coming out of our ears. Although they are the big ones they work.

    I think you would make an amazing nurse.

    I'm happy to hear you're going to be hanging out with your son, but sad to hear about your friend.

    Have a happy Friday.


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