Monday, August 8, 2011

Curb Your Own Dog

Yesterday, my roomies and I were trying to cook in our more-than-ample kitchen.
The upstairs roomie had, per standard operating procedure, locked his dog out of his room, leaving the poor, sweet lonely girl wandering into our space.  
"W." claims to have a very well-behaved dog, but sadly she obeys him out of fear.  When we direct her, she listens, then goes right back to what she was doing within minutes.

 After all of us tripping over her, asking her to leave the kitchen, having her return, and then repeating this process again and again, an hour had passed.  Our patience was running thin.  I called up to "W.", asking if his dog had eaten.  He said yes, so I suggested that maybe she needed some attention.
He then came downstairs to tell me what I was supposed to do.
"You have to tell her 'Out' and then take her to the living room and tell her to 'Stay'.
 I explained that was what we were all doing for the last hour, and that is why we finally had to ask him to (do his fucking job as a dog owner) please give her some attention.
This jackass became irate, telling me, right in front of our landlord,
"I pay rent here so that (she) can have the run of the house and do whatever she pleases."
This was news to the landlord.
Our lovely conversation culminated in "W." telling me "Fuck you!"
Right now, I am practicing avoidance of this particularly high-maintenance roomie.
And I am feeling very sorry for his dog.

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  1. Yeah roommate's suck, which is why I've avoided thus far having 'em. Sorry 'bout your DB roomie.


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