Wednesday, April 13, 2011

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

I miss my home town frozen yogurt place, The Yogurt Mill

If you are from my home town of El Cajon, California, you know this place.
Tons of amazing flavors, generous portions, and fond memories...♥

And if you are as old as I, then you remember that it used to be another business called 
"The Leaning Tower of Pizza".

Oh, how I love strolling down memory lane...♥

(All pictures courtesy of The Yogurt Mill)


  1. I've heard about the Yogurt Mill from many people but never been. My favorite one is Yo-gart on University in North Park. They have a punch card and they weigh your yogurt to give you a price.
    he he eh the leaning tower of pizza, that's funny.

  2. The Yogurt Mill doe not weigh your portions and they are very generous!! Go with veteran - they will teach you to get a small yogurt and have them "drop" it into an extra large cup -
    They pile it so high, I would recommend this! I hope they still do that! ♥


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