Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do I actually have fans?

So today, my friend Traci (Traci'sMixedBag) writes on my Facebook wall :
          "WE WANT A NEW BLOG POST! *crowd chanting* ;-) I miss them. I know you were sick, I hope you're feeling better."
 Can I just say "Wow"? I didn't really realize that people noticed.  You know, when people are busy, and doing there own thing and all...I just didn't think it mattered.
 I have had some personal stuff going on, and just let the blog go.  I realize that when things happen, sometimes it is better to write, even if it isn't about your troubles...But I just wasn't feeling it. 
So,  I am officialy getting my shit together and rejoining the human race.  Well, I wasn't totally out. After all, I was still working my ass off and taking care of business, generally speaking.  But you know, sometimes in life, shit happens with family and such, and one struggles.
 I have a family member who is having a tough time making the right choices in life and there is nothing I can do about it.  So I just have to pray and "turn it over" and do the best I can to maintain...you know?
Meanwhile....we have some news.
Mike and Coco and I are going to be adding to our little family! 
I know, you are thinking, Gina, seriously??  Well we are awaiting the arrival of a new puppy.  Mike has been dying to get a dog that he can make his backpacking/camping buddy, and has his sights set on a Queensland Heeler, also known as an Australian Cattle Dog.
Mike has his heart on a Blue Heeler, which looks like this:
I know, seriously, how effing cute is that?  They are energetic, loyal and really friggin' beautiful.  We are waiting like expectant parents for a puppy and will probably be taking a weekend adventure about four hours away in 8 weeks or so.
Aye, yi yi....right?  Now mind you, I have made it clear that this is Mike's dog.  He wanted this partner, and will be responsible for training and all that good stuff.
The beautiful thing about this is that Coco is now officially MY dog.  Well, in 8 weeks or so. 
So, we do have good things going on...And big changes.  A puppy is gong to be a challenge.  We adopted Coco .
And without further ado, I have to step away from the computer to make a big pot of chili and a pan of cornbread.  Yeah, you know you wish you were here.


  1. You know you have stalkers, errr, I mean fans.

    Our sweet pup is part Queensland Heeler and just the most spoiled dog ever. I'm not sure she even realizes she's the dog. A new puppy is so fun.

  2. Um yeah you have fans. My sister reminds me all the time that she may not comment on my blog but she does read it. I think that's the case for a lot of people.

    There's nothing wrong with a break and I didn't mean to pressure you. I hope the situation is looking up.

    Wow! What a beautiful dog. I look forward to hearing about your two dog family.

  3. I've taken a break too. So funny to come over here and realize you were gone as well.
    Congrats on adding to your family!


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