Thursday, April 19, 2012

Roommate's Toilet Paper Disposal Questionable

Okay, I had to have a conversation with my roommate. She wanted to split the cost of toilet paper.  Normally this would be fine, I suppose,  except for one problem - In my opinion, my roomie uses a disproportionate amount of toilet paper.

At first, I thought she used it for makeup, cleaning her face, etc.  So when she brought up the subject again, I had to say something.

I explained that first of all, I hate spending money on toilet paper, and thus use as little as possible. Then I said I'd noticed the waste basket fills up quickly, and blaaahh blaaahh blaaahh....

Come to find out, it's worse that I'd imagined. My roommate goes to the bathroom, wipes, and throws the used TP in the trash! OMG, GROSS!!!

Oh, and did I mention she also puts her dog's used puppy pads in there too?

Needless to say, I'll never touch that trash can. Ever. Ever.

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