Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stream-of-Consciousness Sunday...Zip It

So here it is...Sunday.  My only day off this week.
At 5 a.m., the lovely Lady Zip woke me up...
Mike took her outside to do her business.
He then brought her back inside, turned on the bedroom light,
and left the room.

Excuse me, but, what the hell???

So, we had a little conversation...and I went back to bed.
And then Zip began to whimper.

So after about 3 hours, I finally got back to sleep...And when I finally woke up,
that is, when the puppies woke me up (Mike put then in front of me to lick my face),
at least there was coffee made.  Thank you, Mike.

Mike lured me into coming out on the couch by bribing me with coffee and breakfast.
After all, NASCAR was on.
Breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese (my favorite), sausage and toast was delicious.
And then, Mike fell asleep.

I wonder if we will ever be on the same schedule again...

Mike is so exhausted noow from making Zip a dog house, so now
I get to make dinner...Yippee!

I am a better BBQ'er than Mike anyway =)


  1. Man, I'm tired just reading about your lack of sleep! I hope it gets better soon!

  2. Few things are more annoying than being woken up before your time. Going back to sleep just isn't the same. I feel your pain. Brian wakes me up to talk all the time. The little dog house is so cute.


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